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The Ankarana National Park is a fantastic limestone massif full of tsingy, caves, canyons with lush forests, and amazing wildlife. It is one of the highlights of northern Madagascar.
The tsingy of Ankarana are a big part of what the Park is known for.  Like the caves of the massif, the tsingy form by erosion of the limestone.  The limestone is also fractured into canyons and depressions like the lovely Lac Vert, or Green Lake.
The caves of Ankarana are the biggest cave network on the island and several are open to visitors.  They contain beautiful cave formations and a great diversity of bats, including both fruit bats and smaller insect-eating bats.
In addition to the bats in the caves, Ankarana plays host to a great variety of other mammals, birds, and reptiles and amphibians.  These include the crowned lemurs and Sanford's brown lemur.